Utility mounting rail

Utility Mounting Rail
for music synthesizers.

This is a 6 inch long universal mounting board. When snapped in two, lengthwise, it can be used to mount smaller PCBs to CGS91 rails on a standard Serge-style panel. It can also be used to mount 6 pots, LEDS, etc. at 1 inch spacing. Small matrix areas allow for "flying" panel components to be given a sturdy mounting place.


To split the rail into two narrower rails, gently flex the board along the v-groove, working from top to bottom. After doing this a few times, the boards will separate. Sand the edges of the board if needed, removing any splinters or rough edges.


  • PCB info: 6" x 1" with 3mm mounting holes 0.15" in from the edges, and spaced appropriately for the mounting of other CGS boards.

Article, art & design copyright 2013 by Ken Stone