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Analogue Synthesiser

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The ASM-3 takes the ASM-2 to the next level by adding even more functionality to the ASM system.

Two boards are now offered with the following functions:-

VOICE Board (3D Model)The Voice board hosts:-

  1. 3x VCO
  2. 2x Sawtooth Animators
  3. 2x SubHarmonic Generators
  4. 1x VCF - State Variable Filter
  5. 1x VCF - Ladder Filter
  6. 2x VCA - Lin/Log
  7. 2x VCA - Lin
  8. 2x ADSR
  9. 1x VCLFO
  10. 1x Resonant Filter
  11. 1x RING Modulator

UTILITY Board (3D Model) The Utility board hosts:-

  1. 1x A440 Reference
  2. 1x Envelope Follower
  3. 2x External Input
  4. 1x Headphone Amplifier (stereo)
  5. 2x GLIDE
  6. 1x Noise Generator (White, Pink, Violet and Random)
  7. 1x Sample & Hold
  8. 2x VCA - Lin/Log
  9. 1x Pan/X-Fader linked to VCAs
  10. 1x Spring Reverb
  11. 1x 2x8 Sequencer

The ASM-Maestro 1 is a minimum configured system comprising one of each board and affords the user with a powerful mono-analogue synthesizer, while the ASM-Maestro 2 uses 2x Voice boards giving the user either a powerful stereo-analogue synthesizer or an extra powerful mono-analogue synthesizer.

All signals levels within the ASM-3 are EuroSynth compliant allowing the ASM-3 to be painlessly connected to any EuroSynth system. The ASM-3 will also work with EuroRack and other system formats (5U such as MOTM and DotCom, 4U such as Serge and CGS) as long as the requisite steps are taken to ensure correct level boosting/attenuation when patching bewteen the different systems.


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