Skins - Studio System Only

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Multiple skins are simply bolted together for the desired rack width. Add the appropiate length Rails (and Tapped Strips) and 2x End Plates and you have an enclosed rack system for your EuroSynth.
The centre Rails may be omitted for those needing a full 6U height module space such as when adding our Cougar or Odysseus panels.
The 42HP Skins incorporate mounting studs for our Busboard Carrier Plate. In addition, the Studio 500 42HP Skins include a hole for our Earthing Kit connector and a hole for a power extension connector.
The 20HP Skins do not have any fixing points so can be used for mounting items such as small power supplies (maximum width ~95mm).
Standard finished system widths are 42HP, 84HP, 104HP, 126HP and 168HP