3U 4HP Power Panel

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The 4HP Power Panel is a small panel that is mounted in to your rack providing user access to the DC inlet connector, ON/OFF switch and status LED. The power termination is a 2.5mm DC connector with Tip = +ve (2.1mm sockets available on request).
Two models are offered:-
1) 4HP Power Panel - Single: Uses a single external DC supply and is ideal for powering our ED111, ED705 Power Unit or any equivalent 3rd-party powered busboard. The 2nd DC socket is used as an extension socket to power additional panels.
2) 4HP Power Panel - Dual: Requires two external supplies with one provided the +Ve rail and the other the -Ve rail. It is suitable for powering our ED703 or ED704 Passive Busboards or most 3rd-party equivalents. External supplies MUST have floating outputs.
Each 4HP Power Panel comes complete with 30cm cables terminated with Quick-Connect spades.

Power Panel Datasheet and Build Guide