Skinny Rack Kits

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Kits include Rails, Tapped Strips, Filler Ears, Side Panel Spacers and hardware.

We are now able to supply custom width Skinny Racks up to a maximum of 196HP. To order, select the next length Skinny Rack Kit and add a comment stating the desired width of the rails in HP.

NB the Skinny Rack Filler Ears add just under 4HP to the total Skinny Rack width so if your cabinet opening is, for example, 92HP (467mm) then you should specify (92 - 4 =) 88HP as the desired rail length.

Upgrades to M2.5mm Tapped Strips are available - please select 'Upgrade to M2.5mm' and set QTY '1'. 

Skinny Rack Datasheet