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The MonoWave(X) is a wavetable synthesiser with 256 waves available for each of the two oscillators. Each oscillator also has a sub-oscillator. The filter is a copy of the Moog filter, there are separate envelope generators for the filter and amplifier, and a simple LFO. The panel is very 'retro' and 'traditional' with knobs for every function and a simple display. Internally, the circuitry is all analogue (except for the digital circuitry used in the oscillators)... no wimpy DSP thank you very much - this is a 'real' synth!!

The current version of the MonoWave PCB now includes a power supply that allows the unit to run from a single external 15VDC 750mA supply.

Two panel options are available :- 1) Standard Aluminium (Silver), and 2) Blue

MonoWave Datasheet and Build Guide