ED705 - Skiff Friendly Powered Busboard

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The ED705 is a low-profile replacement for the ED126 unit utilising right-angle IDC headers and a re-designed layout for the regulators that allow the unit to achieve a maximum height of only 11mm.
The ED705 can deliver up to 1.5A @ +12V and 1A @ -12V and is fitted with 12 module outputs.
As with the ED111, ED123, ED126 and ED704, the ED705 is designed to occupy a 3U 42HP space and can be expanded with the addition of ED704 boards for larger systems. We would recommend a maximum of 3 x ED704 boards per ED705 but larger numbers of ED704 can be added as long as you take note of the maximum loading for an ED705.
The ED705 requires an external power supply of, nominally, 15VDC @ 2.4A

The standard ED705H version uses right-angle IDC connectors while the ED705V uses vertical headers.

NB: The ED705H is not suitable for 3U enclosures, please use the ED705V

ED705 Datasheet and Build Guide