4U Enclosures

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  • Description

4U 84HP Boats for BOCGS and other SERGE panel designs. These are custom made boats based on the BUD AC423 specifications.

  • Features include:-
    Pre-drilled base for installing our CGS391 Mounting Kits to mount the associated PCB Set.
  • Black anodised finish
  • A cut-out for a 4-pin MIC connector providing access for power in
  • A cut-out for a 4mm binding post for a 0V REFERNCE
  • Accepts our 4U Rack Mounting Kit allowing the boat to be mounted into a standard 19"-style housing

Power distribution is done using the CGS391 Power Set. Mechanical Details

End Cheeks - These high-quality End Cheeks allow 3 boats to be combined in to a single system. The sloped profile affords minimum desktop footprint, minimum reach height, and offers optimum viewing/access angle of all 3 panels.

Power Kit - This Power Kit includes a PSU-10a, 15VDC 2.4A Brick and connecting cables and is the ideal power solution for a 3-boat BoCGS

Rack Mounting Kit - This kit provides hardware to allow your 4U Boat to be rack mounted. We offer 2 versions which support (1) original 7" x 17" panels, (2) 4U 84HP such as Loudest Warning format