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The Full Kit:-

  • PCB Set - All PCBs (does not include CGS91/CGS74)
  • Component Kit - All Components to fully dress the PCBs
  • Front Panel
  • Hardware Kit - All Hardware to fully dress the Front Panel
  • CGS91 Mounting Kit - All mounting hardware (includes 2x CGS91 PCBs)
  • Bud-style black enclosure
  • Does not include wire for connection between PCBs and panel components
  • Requires a fully regulated +/-12VDC supply (see PSU10 or PSU8 for examples)

The Built Unit:-

Fully built and tested and includes all the above. requires a fully regulated +/-12VDC supply (see PSU10 or PSU8 for examples)

Sequencer With Arbitary Manipulated Pulses Datasheet and Build Guide

Please note that the CGS13 incorporates a mini distribution board so a CGS74 is not required for this build.
The CGS91 Mounting Kit is offered to ease installation of the non-CGS59 PCBs