CGS Modules

CGS01 - Sub-Oscillator V2.1

PCB currently out of stock

CGS03 - Psycho LFO V1.0

Discontinued, see CGS21

CGS04 - DC Mixer V2.2

Replaced By CGS304

CGS06 - Burst Generator V1.0

PCB currently out of stock

CGS09 - VC Divider V2.0

Replaced By CGS309

CGS10 - Pedal Board/Mini Keyboard V1.1

CGS13 - Gated Comparator V2.2

Replaced By CGS313

CGS18 - Drum Simulator

CGS19 - Chime Simulator V2.0

CGS21 - Super Psycho Modulation Source V2.1

CGS22 - Master Divider V2.2

CGS24 - Dual Gate to Trigger Converter V1.0


CGS26 - Analog Logic V1.2

CGS28 - Sequential Switch V2.0

Replaced By CGS328

CGS29 - Wave Multipler V2.2

PCB currently out of stock

CGS30 - Bandpass Filter v1.4

CGS31 - Digital Noise V1.2

CGS32 - Infinite Melody V2


Replaced By CGS334

CGS35 - Synthacon Filter V1.3

Replaced By CGS335

CGS36 - Pulse Divider V1.4

Replaced by CGS336 & CGS405

CGS37 - CV Cluster V1.1

Replaced by CGS337

CGS38 - Saw Pitch Shifter V1.1

CGS39 - Quad Logic Gate V2.0

CGS40 - Modulo Magic V2.1