PCB Set: A full set of PCBs for a unit. Does not include CGS74/CGS91 - see Mounting Kits.
Component Kit: A full set of components for dressing all of the PCBs in a unit
Hardware Kit: A full set of components for dressing the front panel for a unit (based on the BoCGS)
CGS91 Mounting Kit: A set of nuts, bolts and spacers for a unit using the 2x CGS91 PCB (included). Also includes a 4-pin DC power plug and socket
4U Boat Enclosure: The standard BUD AC423 enclosure and a custom pre-drilled BUD-style Enclosure (suits CGS91 Mounting Kit).
Built Unit: These are fully built and tested boats that include all of the above items. These require a fully regulated +/-12V supply (refer to the PSU-8 and PSU-10 for examples)







4U Enclosures

Davies Clone Knobs

Best Of CGS Full System