Serge Modules

Produced under license from Serge Tcherepnin, these kits bring you the world of the Serge Modular System

CGS501 - NCom V0.2


CGS502 - Quantizer V0.2


CGS504 - Preamp-Detector V0.2


CGS506 - Multi-Channel Stereo Mixer V0.1

CGS507 - 1973 VCO V0.1


CGS509 - Dual Transient Generator V2.0

CGS511 - Universal Slope Generator + Transient Generator V2.0

CGS512 - VCFQ V2.1

CGS513 - Wave Multipliers V2.0

CGS514 - Dual Universal Slope Generator V2.0

CGS516 - Extended ADSR Envelope Generator V2.0

CGS522 - Resonant Equalizer V2.0

CGS575 - Voltage Controlled Slope V1.0

CGS576 - 1973 Envelope Generator V2.2

CGS577 - 1973 VCF V2.0

CGS578 - VCA V0.1

CGS579 - Ring Modulator P2.0

CGS82 - Dual Negative Slew

CGS582 - Negative Slew V2.0

CGS83 - Positive Slew V1.0

CGS84 - Peak and Trough Detector V1.0

CGS585 - Triple Wave Shaper V2.0

CGS86 - Touch Responsive Keyboard V1.0

CGS88 - Triple Bi-Directional Router V1.0


CGS592 - Smooth & Stepped Generator