'SERGED' Panther Modules

The Panther modules listed here all have 4mm banana sockets allowing them to sit alongside your regular EuroSerge modules giving your EuroSerge system access to an even bigger range of modules.

ASM301 - ADSR (4mm)

ASM302 - AD/ASR-LFO (4mm)

ASM306 - Audio Out (4mm)

ASM307 - LAG Processor (4mm)

ASM308 - CV Mixer (4mm)

ASM308EXT - CV Mixer Expander (4mm)

ASM316 - Dual VCA (4mm)

ASM317 - State Variable Filter (4mm)

ASM321 - Basic VCO (4mm)

ASM324 - Xpander

ASM325 - VCO II (4mm)

CGS721 - Super Psycho LFO (4mm)

CGS733 - CV Matrix Mixer (4mm)

CGS734 - ASR (4mm)

CGS735 - Synthacon Filter (4mm)

CGS736 - Pulse Divider (4mm)

CGS737 - CV Cluster (4mm)

CGS738 - Mangler (4mm)

CGS747 - Cynare Simulator (4mm)

CGS749 - CMOS Filter (4mm)

CGS757 - Bi-N-Tic Filter (4mm)

CGS758 - Utility LFO (4mm)

CGS762 - Slope Detector (4mm)

CGS765 - Tube VCA (4mm)

CGS795 - Digital Reverb (4mm)