'SERGED' Panther Modules

The Panther modules listed here all have 4mm banana sockets allowing them to sit alongside your regular EuroSerge modules giving your EuroSerge system access to an even bigger range of modules.

IF120 - Chaotica (4mm)

IF117 - Wavolver (4mm)

IF114 - 4x4 AD/AR (4mm)

IF113 - 5-Pulser (4mm)

IF112 - Double Deka (4mm)


IF109 - TGTSH (4mm)

IF108 - ChaQuO (4mm)

IF102 - DPWG (4mm)


IF101 - 2Q/4Q (4mm)

ED722 - Slow Oscillator (4mm)

ED720 - ES VCO (4mm)


ED702 - Synth-A-Scope (4mm)

SPECIAL Pricing on Assembled Unit

ED701 - miniScope (4mm)

SPECIAL Pricing on Assembled Unit

ED142 - Extanda-Patch (4mm)


ED134 - MIC IN (4mm)

ED132 - Logic (4mm)

ED129 - CV Multiples (4mm)

ED116 - Extended S&H - Noise (4mm)


ED115 - S&H - Noise (4mm)

ED107 - PolyDAC (4mm)

ED104 - Dual VCA (4mm)

ED103 - MIDI Trigger (4mm)

ED102 - Octave - Volts - Hertz (4mm)

CGS93 - Trunk Lines/Multiples

CGS795 - Digital Reverb (4mm)