Tower Racks

Special Prices on our non-84HP Tower Racks

84HP Tower Racks are the common vertical configuration for subracks and are available in multiples of 3U.
Multiple 3U sub-racks can be strapped together to form larger units by the addition of our Sub-Rack Joiner Kit. 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U.... the sky IS the limit.

Tower Racks are 160mm deep so will take any module on the market and still have plenty of room for power supplies and busboards.

The Back Panel is pre-drilled to accept 2 busboards (ED704, ED705 or ED111)

Our non-84HP Tower Racks are offered in 104HP, 126HP and 168HP widths. (NB: These Back panels are pre-drilled but NOT for the EDxxx family)

Tower Rack Datasheet

3U 84HP Tower Rack


Tower Subrack Joiner Kit


6U 84HP Tower Boat

Upgrade to M2.5mm