4U - Cat Girl Synth

The popular Cat Girl Synth modules by Ken Stone.

PLEASE READ this FAQ on kits

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A range of PCB designs and Constructor Kits from Ken Stone for his Cat Girl Synth and which include a number of SERGE designs. ALL PCBs are the latest release!!!!!

Component Kits:- These include all components to fully dress the associated PCB(s). PCB(s) are NOT included.
Hardware Kits:- These include all the components to fully dress the associated panel and include:-  Davies 1900 Clone Knobs, 4mm Banana Sockets and 3mm LED's with integral low-profile lens mounts. The kits are tailored to suit our BoCGS and Voltron panels so may not include all input/output/features for a given PCB design
PCBs:- Bare PCBs. Most are double-sided and newer revisions include designators
Front Panels:- We do not stock individual module front panels for any of these designs. Please visit the CGS forum as a possible source of front panels or Front Panel Designer (FPD) files. We do stock the BoCGS (BOG, MARSH and SWAMP) panels and our growing range of Voltron panels

Hardware Kits to suit other formats are also available on request

Please note that currently, apart from ourselves, only ModularAddict and SynthCube are authorised suppliers of the CGS PCBs. We strongly urge customers not to buy through any other source.