3U - EuroSerge (4mm)

In partnership with Serge Tcherepnin and Ken Stone,
we are now producing the EuroSerge family of synthesizer modules from the Serge Modular Music System,
where the philosophy is of patch-programmability and,
the availability of hardware functions normally hidden in conventional modules.

A Guide To The EuroSerge Modular Synthesizer

ALL modules listed in this section are 4mm EuroSerge.
The compactness of 3U format modules 
The patching flexibility of 4mm banana jacks

This is an open-ended system with new modules coming in the future but is starting
with modules mainly from the Serge 1973 catalogue.
These modules are offered in both kit and assembled formats.
Front Panels and PCB Sets are available on request.

EuroSerge Datasheet

North American Customers
Euro-Serge (4mm) and Panther (4mm) Modules and Systems
are only available through NoiseBug

PLEASE READ this FAQ on kits

MOST of our modules are now in the 'shallow format' with a depth of less than 60mm.
A handful have a depth of up to 80mm.
And ONLY 4* modules exceed that depth (CGS721, ED102, ED115, ED116).

ALL modules listed in this section are 3U modules
fitted with 4mm banana sockets.
!! 3.5mm versions can be found in the EuroSynth section !!