ED - ELBY Designs

A collection of module designs from a variety of designers including Paul Maddox and Mike Irwin

ED102 - Octave-Volts-Hertz (3.5mm)

ED103 - MID Trigger Unit (3.5mm)

ED104 - Dual VCA (3.5mm)

ED105 - Phaser (3.5mm)

ED107 - PolyDAC 4-channel Polyphonic MIDI-CV (3.5mm)

ED115 - SH-Noise (3.5mm)

ED116 - Extended SH-Noise (3.5mm)


ED129 - CV Multiples (3.5mm)

ED132 - Logic (3.5mm)

ED134 - MIC IN (3.5mm)

ED142 - Extanda-Patch (3.5mm)


ED701 - miniScope (3.5mm)

Now Includes a TUNER Function

ED702 - Synth-A-Scope (3.5mm)

ED720 - ES VCO (3.5mm)


ED722 - Slow Oscillator (3.5mm)

ED758 - Slow Oscillator (3.5mm)