3U - Racks and Enclosures

The Construct-A-Rack family is a collection of (high-quality) aluminium parts that allow you to construct sub-rack systems in a variety of widths, heights and build styles.

The family currently comprises 4 `build' styles :-

LITE: These use a shallow 40mm Side Plate to support the Rails which can then be mounted from inside your housing. Lite Racks Datasheet

SKINNY: These use our Lite Side Plates and allow the Rails to be `rack mounted' using Rack Ears. Skinny Racks Datasheet

TOWER: The conventional sub-rack construction comprising 160mm deep Side Panels, a Back Panel. Optional Top/Bottom Covers (84HP systems only) available to 'close off' the tower Tower Racks Datasheet

STUDIO: A flexible system that is based around a 6U 42HP Desktop Skin. The cosmetically pleasing finish allows the system to be used as-is in a studio environment without the need for a housing. The addition of a pair of Studio End Cheeks allows for a 6U, 12U or 18U system to be quickly configured. Studio Series Datasheet

Rack Kits include all parts required to construct the selected Rack. Lite Racks will require suitable countersunk screws (not included) for mounting the Lite Rack in to your enclosure.

MODULE MOUNTING SCREWS: Please note that all solutions listed here require 10mm module mounting screws not 6mm which are supplied with most 3rd-party providers.

MODULE FIXING: Please note that all racks are supplied as standard with M3 Tapped Strips. We are now able to offer all racks with M2.5 Tapped Strips. We also have M3 Rail Nuts