Clearance Corner

CGS87 - Programmer/Sequencer

Limited stock of the original CGS87 Programmer/Sequencer
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CGS391 PCB Mounting Rail Set V1.1

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6U 85HP Boat

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CGS33 - 4x4 Matrix Mixer PCB Set


Davies Clone Knobs

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Doepfer Dark Energy V1-SPECIAL

The ORIGINAL Dark Energy

ex Shipping kg

DotCom - Syntha-Scope

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ED703 - Skiff-Friendly Passive Busboard

!!! End of Line !!!

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OEM Bluetooth-Serial Port Adapter

PolyDAC 4-Channel MIDI-CV


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RCM4010 - Rabbit Embedded Microcontroller

Frequency: 59MHz
RAM........: 512kB
Flash.......: 512kB
Voltage....: 3V to 3.6V

Skinny Rack Kits

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Un-Filtered IEC Power Entry Module

100mm Deep Lite Rack - SPECIAL