Construct-A-Boat offers the case builder a more mechanically robust sub-rack frame compared to the Lite Rack and similar 3rd-party solutions. The boats are 100mm deep affording adequate space for most modules on the market as well as incorporating low-profile busboards and power suppplies, yet shallow enough to keepthe desk space required small and to allow the units to be moved.

The boats are supplied in widths of 85HP, 105HP, 127HP and 169HP and, yes, they are 1HP wider in module space than their normal counterparts. The back panel is perfect for mounting busboards and small power supplies and is pre-punched to accept a 2-, 3- or 4-pin MIC power connector. The 85HP back panels are pre-punched to accept our ED111/ED704/ED705 power-busboard solutions.

These boats can also be supplied as 1x 6U for those building custom cases for designs that need the larger, uncluttered, panel space of a 6U design.

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Special Pricing on our 85HP Powered Construct-A-Boat