My WorkShop

Not as big or as `messy' as some but it is where I spend most of my time.
9m long and 3m wide.
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The workshop viewed from the `construction end'.

At the far end is the `thinking area'.

To the far right is the testing area and near right is the construction area.

On the left is the part of the main component storage area.


The workshop viewed from the `thinking end'.

Nearest is the testing area, then the construction area and finally
extra storage area.

This is the construction area.

Currently on the bench is a Saramon and further back is a Spa Controller that I have just completed and is ready for field tests. At the right is the carcase for my ASM2-Wizard

This is the testing area.

  • Tektronix TDS220 2-channel digital scope,
  • Leader LBO518 4-channel analogue scope
  • Single and dual power supplies
  • 100MHz Frequency counter
  • Function generator
  • Bitscope
Currently under test is Ray Wilson's SoundLab in a console case and, at the back, is the Pixie undergoing some software updates.

This is the thinking area.

This is where all the software development takes place as well as PCB design. In addition this is my administration area.

To the left, behind the MIDI keyboard, are 3 6U racks housing

In addition to the mandatory PC there is also a

  • Visor Edge
  • Visor Deluxe
  • Psion Series 3a
  • Psion Series 3c
  • Psion Series 7
  • Psion WorkAbout Mx
  • Palm IIIe

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