Synthesiser Utilitites
and Others


A selection of designs and utility modules

A 555-based voltage-controlled Envelope Generator designed by Gene Stopp.
A small PCB that mounts on to a 1P-12W rotary switch and allows you to replace a COARSE TUNE pot with an Octave/Footage switch (uses SMD components).
Takes 4 or 8 sliders and mounts behind a 20HP Eurorack panel.
The popular ASM VCO Core on a small plug-in board.
Generates an accurate voltage reference selectable from -5.00V to +5.00V in 1.00V increments

Designs In Progress

A single-board solution for the ASM-1 offering a no-wire construction.
A multi-functional unit offering MIDI-IN to CV, CV to MIDI-OUT, Sequencer, MIDI-IN to EDP Wasp Link, CV to EDP Wasp Link.
A re-build of the popular Transcendent 2000 in a 3U 19" rack configuration.
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