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Lite Racks provide a low-cost construction method and allow for really shallow skiffs (minimum depth = 40mm) to be built. The Lite Rack uses a simple Side Plate to support the rails at the correct module height and adds only 5mm to the overall rack width. Lite Racks can be secured from within the enclosure negating the need for external bolt heads marring the finish of your enclosure.

Lite Side Plates are currently offered in 3 straight/vertical heights of 3U, 6U and 9U and a variety of widths including 42HP, 84HP, 104HP, 126HP and 168HP. Custom widths to a maximum of 196HP are available on request.

The images below show our Lite Racks in use.

3x 3U (*)

1x 6U (*)

1x 9U (*)

2x 3U + 1x 1UX (*)

* Bamboo case images courtesy of MasonMack Studios

Lite Rack Mounting Details

Standard Lite Rack Widths

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