OEM PSU-2 Power Supply Module

This PSU is based on a common design using variable precision regulator i.c.s and can be configured to provide dual outputs in the range of +/-5V to +/-20V. The standard offerings are +/-12V and +/-15V

Some of the benefits of a 723 based design over those using a simple fixed regulator design using devices such as the 78xx/79xx are:-

  • MUCH lower output noise,
  • Better load regulation, and
  • Better line regulation


  • Output current: in excess of 800mA per rail
  • Current limiting at around 1.2A
  • The pcb measures 133mm x 88mm

PSU-2 Schematics PSU-2 Build Guide Suggested Transformer Connections


We do NOT recommend readers build their own power supply unit unless they are
fully competent and aware of the dangers of working with mains power.
There are a number of safety issues that MUST be complied with to ensure that no harm
comes to yourself or anyone else coming in to contact with your unit.

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