Mains AC-DC Rectifier Module


Kit of components for the Mains-Recifier Module
This kit shows an earlier version of the Raw-DC Module

A complete kit of parts to build an AC to DC power module. The toroidal transformer has dual primary windings making it suitable for use in countries with 115VAC or 230VAC supplies. The pre-regulator circuit provides a filtered DC output suitable for driving regulator supplies such as that on our ASM-2.

A selection of transformers allow for a range of nominal DC output voltages and current ratings.

Readers should be aware that constructing this module circuit involves working with mains power components.
Readers are advised that they should not attempt this module unless they are fully aware of the various safety requirements
relating to this type of circuitry as required by their countries regulatory bodies.
There are several good ready-made designs that the reader should consider if there is any doubt or concern regarding
the building and use of this module.


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