ED705 Skiff-friendly Powered Busboard

The ED705 is a passive busboard incorporatinga dual linear regulator power supply prodiving +12V @ 1.5A and -12V @ 1.0A and provides 12 module power outlets.

The ED705 has the same dimensions as its predecessor, the ED126, allowing it to neatly fit in to a 3U 42HP section of your system.

The ED705 uses right-angle IDC connectors which not only makes it ideal for shallow skiffs, but they also make insertion of cables easier. And the ED705 is equally at home in deeper systems.

The ED705 has power connections at both ends allowing multiple ED704 boards to be daisy-chained to support any sized system. A different approach to the design of the distribution rails within the ED705 offers improved performance in multi-board systems with minimal signal loss across the length of the run and enhanced noise immunity. The enhanced design eliminates the need for bulky heatsinks, further enhancing the low-profile design of the board.

The ED705 requires and external 15VDC supply with a nominal rating of 2.4A. "loop-in - loop-out' terminals allow multiple ED705 to be installed in systems requiring large power capacity.

205mm x 101mm
Plan View

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