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Studio Series Carrier Plate

All of our Studio Series enclosures include mounting studs to aid with the installation our busboards.
These mounting studs are used to secure a Carrier Plate to the base of the skin and which, in turn,
provide a mounting platform for the busboard.
Installation involves:-

  1. attaching 8 sets of bolts and spacers to a Carrier Plate
  2. securing the Carrier Plate in to the Studio System
  3. mounting the busboard on to the Carrier Plate

To complete the installation, multiple busboards are connected using either a Busboard Cable Set or a Busboard Power Set (depends on what board is being connected and where the connection is coming from), and then an external power connection is provided - usually through the use of our 4HP Power Panel.

Three items are required:-

Carrier Plate

Carrier Plate Mounting Kit

- spacers (M4 cup washers) and nuts required to mount the Carrier Plate in to the base of the Studio enclosure -

Busboard Mounting Kit

- nuts, bolts and spacers to mount a busboard on to the Carrier Plate -


Left: Carrier Plate Installed --------------------------------- Right: Busboard installed

Carrier Plate Mounting Details (click for drawing)

  1. Place 4x M4 Cup Washers upside down over the studs in the Studio Skin (Studio 500 Skins have 3 location options for the busboards)
  2. Fit 8x M3 bolts to the Carrier Plate using the 8x spacers
  3. Position the Carrier Plate on to the studs in the Skin (the M4 Cup Whasers are now acting as spacers) and secure using the M4 nuts
  4. Position the busboard on to the Carrier Plate and secure using the 8x M3 nuts

If not installing a busboard in to one of our Studio systems, we still recommend the use of the Carrier Plate as it
reduces the number of fixing points that need to be added to your enclosure, ensures minimum clearance beneath the board.

The mounting footprint for the busboards is common to all of our current busboard/power solutions:-
ED111, ED123, ED126, ED704 and ED705

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