The Pixie
A clone of the EDP WASP

The Wasp was a quirky little synthesizer that, despite its toyish look was quite capable of funky analog types of sounds.
Under the hood the Wasp was a real surprise! It was actually a very early DIGITAL synth that also happens to sound great!
With ANALOG filters, envelopes and controls, the Wasp offered flexible and traditional synthesis of cool bass, synth,
and other useful monophonic sounds.
It was used by 808 State, Dave Holmes, Vince Clarke, WhiteHouse and Add N to (X).
It's designer, Chris Hugget, also designed the Oxford Synthesizer Company's OSCar Synthesizer.

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Schematics of the WASP are currently being re-generated and are presented below.
Please note that copyright ownership of the original schematics belong to Chris Hugget.

The Pixie is a clone of the WASP that keeps the salient features of the WASP but replaces the keyboard circuitry
with a MIDI interface to provide a more flexible product. Also, to improve the stability of the design,
the two 555-based VCOs and associated decoding ciruitry have been replaced with
a dual-digital oscillator built on the Mitsubishi M16C.

Original WASP schematics (redrawn)

Pixie schematics V2a (modified)

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