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The miniMIDI-WASP Interface Unit lets you control your WASP, GNAT or any other EDP LINK compatible device from any suitable MIDI controller such as a PC, MIDI Keyboard or MIDI Sequencer.

A LEARN button allows the miniMIDI-WASP to be assigned to a MIDI channel and to also define the lowest C note value, on receipt of the next MIDI NOTE-ON message. On the latest PCB revision the LEARN switch is also provided as onboard switch for situations where the LEARN mode will be a set-and-forget option and so does not require regular or easy access.

To restore factory default settings, press and hold the LEARN switch, at power on, for about 2 seconds.

This unit is also available fully assembled and tested.

The miniMIDI-WASP board will fit neatly in to the space at the rear of the WASP as can be seen in the picture below.

Power for the miniMIDI-WASP is, typically, derived from the host units supply.


PCB Dimensions
77mm x 49mm
Module Depth
5VDC @ 20mA

Current PCB - V1.3


Previous PCB - V1.2

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