MIDI-IFF RS232-MIDI Interface


The MIDI-IFF Interface Unit allows you to connect and control your MIDI device(s) from any computer equipped with an RS232 port and suitable application software. An example being our MIDI3c software running on the Psion Series 3c, Series 3mx and WorkAbout mx palmtop computers.

MIDI-IFF can be powered from 8 x AAA batteries for live performance work or a standard DC plug-pack. A bi-colour LED provides a visual status indication of the battery level to give you ample warning when they need to be changed.

MIDI-IFF is supplied in a small ABS enclosure.

MIDI-IFF supports 38,400 (default) or 57,600 baud rates and works well with the Yamaha-CBX-Serial driver.



Unit Dimensions
140mm x 110mm x 35mm
12VDC @ 100mA
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