Laurie Biddulph

Laurie started his first brief encounter with music taking piano lessons and exams while at high-school.
A school friend helped him build his first electronic project - the PE Sound Synthesiser.
Which was then followed by the Elektor Piano and eventually by the Elektor Formant.

But then along came his future wife to be, Tricia, electronics took a bit of a sideline and then after meeting up with a college mate (Chazz),
they and 2 other friends of Chazz, formed a group calling themselves Four-Wheel-Drive.
After about a year the band signed up with an agent and renamed themselves Harmony Road.
As a 4-piece dance band playing popular songs from the 60's and 70's they performed at events like Weddings, 18th/21st parties, corporate evenings and clubs.

Emigrating to Australia in 1984 meant leaving all those electronic goodies behind and he didnt touch a keyboard or do much
with music until in the mid 1990’s when his interest in electronic-music was revived having listened to some Jean Michel Jarre albums.
At the time Gene Stopp had his ASM-1 pcb and Laurie was excited by the possibility ofgetting his soldering-iron out and building a great synth.

As a result of problems trying to locally source components for his ASM-1 he started a small hobby-business to provide kits of parts for the ASM-1.
In 2002 Gene passed the ASM-1 over to Laurie who supplied it along with kits before upgrading it to the ASM-2.

Elby Designs has been the fruition of Laurie’ long-term interest in electronics and music and has grown to be a small business supplying a wide range of pcbs,
kits and modules for the electronic synthesizer market. It has also allowed him to dabble with pcb and software design which has culminated
with the Panther family of EuroSynth modules encompassing designs from Ian Fritz, Ken Stone and now, of course, Serge Tcherepnin.