The ASM-2 Power Supply Section

This section utilises two popular fixed-voltage regulators to generate the main power rails required by the various ASM-2 modules. External power requirements are simple, requiring only a simple dual-rail power supply (24-0-24DC @ 300mA ).

There is also room for fitting two smoothing capacitors. These should have a minimum value of 470uF @ 25V.

This section also includes a +10/-10V reference module fundamentally designed for the VCO modules but can be used anywhere that a stable reference voltage is required.

Three 4-way buss connectors are also included to enable other modules to be powered from the one power supply (total load must be less than 100mA per rail or larger heatsinks will be required).

If designing your own power supply please read the following for guidelines on transformer selection and this for suggested transformer connections.

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