• Description

The ASM-2 is an upgrade to the ASM-1 and includes additional modules as well enhancements to some of the original modules. Each module on the ASM-2 pcb is self-contained (only shares power rails) allowing the builder to customise their system build as they see fit. Like its predecessor, the ASM-2 can be built as a modular, semi-patched or a hard-wired system.

The ASM-2 comprises the following modules:-
2 x VCO,
2 x VCF (1 x State Variable, 1 x Low-pass Transistor),
2 x VCA,
2 x VCLFO,
2 x ADSR,
1 x Glide Generator,
1 x Ring Modulator,
1 x Analogue Noise Generator,
1 x Sample & Hold.