• Description

The ASM2-Cougar provides a complete ASM-2 solution in the form of a fully patchable synth. In addition to the functions offered by the ASM-2 itself the ASM2-Cougar adds a MIDI-CV Converter, a Pulse Divider and a power supply.

The ASM-2 Cougar presents a portable 6U 84HP design for the ASM-2 offering extensive modular capabilities. The panel (not suitable for 19" rack mounting) is designed to fit on to our new low-profile (85mm) 6U 84HP boat offering the user a portable, powerful analogue synth.

The ASM-2 Cougar uses the following items:-
1x ASM-2 PCB
1x Expander PCB
2x Octave PCB
1x ASM2-Cougar Component Kit
1x ASM2-Cougar Hardware Kit
1x Expander Component Kit
2x Octave Switcher Component Kit
1x 6U 84HP Black Boat
1x ASM2-Cougar Front Panel

The Expander PCB, Octave PCB. Component and Hardware Kits are listed separately for those who already have an ASM-2. These are already included in the above. 2x Octave PCB and Component Kits are required.