Tapped Strips

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As standard all our Rack solutions include M3 Tapped Strips. However any of these solutions can be supplied (*) with M2.5mm Tapped Strips or M3 Rail Nuts. Tapped Strips longer than 84HP are supplied as 2-piece strips e.g. 104HP = 84HP + 19HP.

We also supply M3 Sliding Nuts for use with non-EuroSynth compliant modules i.e. those with only round module fixing holes and/or mis-located holes not on the recognised 1HP pitch.

As sliding nuts can be quite fiddly to locate, we also offer 5HP Tapped Strips.

We can also ANY other length required - pleaseemail wit your enquiry.

(*) If ordering any of our solutions and you wish an alternate fixing solution, please complete your order and select 'Pay on invoice' adding a note for the required change or simply email us with your enquiry,