ASM308 - CV Mixer (4mm)

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The ASM308 is a four-in/one-out bipolar or unipolar DC coupled mixer ideal for mixing control voltages.

When in Uni-Polar mode, all pots behave in regular fashion, that is when the knob is fully counter-clockwise, no signal from the associated input passes into the mix. As the knob is advanced clockwise, a greater portion of the signal passes into the mix.

In Bi-Polar mode, each knob has a zero position mid-way through it's travel. Turning the knob anti-clockwise will add an increasing portion of a negative (inverted) version of the signal at the corresponding input, while turning the knob clockwise will add an increasing portion of the original signal to the mix.

Additional column outputs can be added by connecting ASM308EXT modules as required. For a 4-output CV Mixer you should consider the CGS733.

ASM308 Datasheet and Build Guides

Module Width: 10HP
Module Depth:
Power +12V:
Power -12V: