Spare Parts
These Spare Parts are simply listed for your convenience and are not required when purchasing our Rack Kits.

End Plates

End Plates are required to complete the assembly of our Studio System and are included in our Studio x00 Kits.


Multiple skins are simply bolted together for the desired rack width. Add the appropiate length Rails (and Tapped Strips) and 2x End Plates and you have an enclosed rack system for your EuroSynth.
The centre Rails may be omitted for those needing a full 6U height module space such as when adding our Cougar or Odysseus panels.
Studio 500 42HP Skins incorporate mounting studs for our Busboard Carrier Plate, a hole for our Earthing Kit connector and a hole for a power extension connector. The 20HP Skin does not have any fixing points so can be used for mounting items such as small power supplies (maximum width ~95mm).
Standard finished system widths are 42HP, 84HP, 104HP, 126HP and 168HP


The following parts are needed to assemble a Tower Rack (included in Tower Kits):-
M5 x 12mm Bolt (x4 per 3U section) to atttach Rails
M4 x 8mm Bolt (x4 per 3U setion) to attach the Back Panel
M5 x 8mm Bolt plus M5 Nut (x2 per Cover)  to attach a Cover


M5 Countersunk Bolt

M5 countersunk bolts are required to mount Rails on to our Lite Side Plates.
4 required for each 3U section.

Lite/Studio Rails

Made from a high-quality aluminium they are irridium plated for improved electrical conductivity and anodised for a tougher surface finish and form the basis of any sub-rack. Each Rail has 1 x M5 tapped hole at each end.
Rails have a slot towards the front to accept our Tapped Strips or Rack Nuts which must be purchased separately.
Other lengths up to 196HP available on request.
2 required per 3U section of your Lite Rack. 4 required per Studio x00 system

Lite/Skinny Side Plates

These Side Plates allow our Synth Rails to be mounted in to an enclosure using internal fixing points.
The plates require a minimum case depth of 40mm and come in 3U, 6U and 9U heights.
A pair of Side Plates will add 5mm to the overall width of your rack i.e. internal case width = (nHP x 5.08mm) + 5.0mm, where n = the number of HP of the rail such as 84 or 104.
2 required per section.