CGS Modules

CGS01 - Sub-Oscillator

The CGS01 combines a sub-socillator and a `harmony generator', giving a two channel sub oscillator, which allows each channel to be used independantly, or driven from the same oscillator, but set to different intervals. As a bonus, both channels can be multiplied or "digitally ring modulated" giving even more effects.

CGS03 - Psycho LFO

The CGS01 is a bizarre little LFO that produces a wide range of pseudo random effects.

CGS04 - DC Mixer

The CGS04 is a small mixer that preserved the D.C. component of signals, at audio frequencies and below.
The Joystick Controller Hardware Kit does not include the joystick and will require 2x CGS04 PCB and Component Kits. Some additional resistors will be rquired to complete the Controller.

CGS06 - Burst Generator

The CGS06 is a rhythm and timing accessory. It generates a burst of gate or trigger pulses at various speeds as set from a front panel control.

CGS09 - VC Divider

The CGS09 was originally developed as a timing accessory for a sequencer, though when fed from a VCO, interesting frequency trills like those of the old 8-bit computer games can be produced.

CGS10 - Pedal Board/Mini Keyboard

A simple circuit that can be used to make a small monophonic 1 volt per octave keyboard, or pedalboard.