3U EuroSynth

EURO-CGS Hardware Kits

Hardware Kits include MOTM styled knobs and 1/8" jacks

CGS33 - 4x4 Matrix Mixer PCB Set


The matrix mixer is a four input, multiple output bipolar or unipolar DC coupled mixer, for mixing control voltages or audio signals. In cases where you require several different mixes from a common set of signals, this module is ideal. Each output can be independently switched to operate in unipolar or bipolar mode. When in unipolar mode, all pots feeding that output behave in regular fashion, that is when the knob is fully counter-clockwise, no signal from the associated input passes into the mix. As the knob is advanced clockwise, a greater portion of the signal passes into the mix. In bipolar mode, each knob has a zero position mid-way through it's travel. Turning the knob anti-clockwise will add an increasing portion of a negative (inverted) version of the signal at the corresponding input, while turning the knob clockwise will add an increasing portion of the original signal to the mix.

See the ASM333 for full module options

CGS93 - Trunk Lines/Multiples

These boards can be used as cascadable multiples, to create trunk lines between different cabinets, or assuming you have something else that uses the same termination, for expansion/breakout. It uses 16 way ribbon, like used in Euro power, every second wire connected to ground to form a shield between the signal wires. You can mount one of these in each cabinet of a large system, and hook them up from behind with the ribbon. If you hook just two in different cabinets together, you have 8 trunk lines between them, reducing the need for long patch cables. If you place one in each of several cabinets, and run a common ribbon between them, then you have an inter-cabinet bus. If you mount them side by side, and use a common ribbon between them, you have a multiple. As a bonus, the board is designed to work with banana jacks as well, so your bus/trunk lines can go between different types of synths (mini jacks and bananas).

CGS202 - Serge Resonant Equalizer


A FULL kit of parts for the CGS202 including the Clarke Robinson front panel, both pcbs and ALL components, wire  and mounting hardware.

The Front Panel with Carrier Board is supplied for those sourcing their own components. It does not include the CGS202 PCB nor any of the components needed to dress the boards