MIDI Interfaces

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The Be-Station is a serial communications converter that supports MIDI, RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet and Bluetooth, and can be used in virtually any application that requires a conversion from one media format to another and/or requires a wireless extension between 2 devices. One applications is as a MIDI Extender: 2 Be-Stations are connected to 2 MIDI devices which then communicate with each other using Bluetooth allowing the 2 MIDI devices to be separated by over 100m (environment dependent). Another application is as a media converter such as connecting a MIDI device to a mixer desk using an RS485 port.

MIDI-Retrofit-8 1U

8-channel MIDI to Trigger converter. Trigger outputs are velocity controlled and swing from 0V to 10V making them ideal for virtually any drum machine. The complete unit comes in a 1U 19" wide rack housing. Requires a 10VAC or 15VDC power supply.

MIDI-Retrofit-8 (formerly MIDI2SDS)

Lets you control your drum machine or any other TRIGGERED device by MIDI.
Supports up to 8 instruments each with velocity control.
The No LED PCB Assembly requires you to supply your own panel mount LEDs for use as an external status indicator. The Onboard LED PCB Assembly assumes that programming (LEARN) is only required once or very rarely so external LEDs are not required so saving panel space.
The Pre-programmed ATMEGA8 is included in the Compnent Kit.


A 16-channel version of our MIDI-Retrofit-8. Available in kit form and as a PCB-assembly for installing in to your own housing.



A 16-channel TRIGGER-to-MIDI Converter combined with a MIDI-to-TRIGGER Converter provides the ideal solution to not only adding MIDI control to your drum machine but also allowing your drum machine to act as a MIDI controller. The firmware applies MIDI MERGER control of all TRIGGER messages allowing for realtime interaction between the drum machines internal pattern generator and an external MIDI controller.
Also adds MIDI OUT functionality to older, non-MIDI, machines.


The MIDI-IFF converts between RS232 and MIDI and is designed for connecting between equipment with an RS232 connection. It can also be used to give access to longer cable runs than can be achieved with RS232.