Best of CGS - BOCGS
PCB Set: A full set of pcbs for a unit
Component Kit : A full set of components for dressing all of the pcbs in a unit
Hardware Kit: A full set of components for dressing the front panel for a unit
Mounting Kit: A set of nuts, bolts and spacers for a unit plus a 4-pin DC power plug and socket
Full Kits include:- PCB Set, Component Kit, Hardware Kit, Mounting Kit, Enclosure (Front panels are NOT included).
4U Boat Enclosure: The standard BUD AC423 enclosure and a custom pre-drilled BUD-style Enclosure.


Bringer Of Groove


Mutilated Active Research System Hold


Sequencer With Arbitary Manipulated Pulses

4U 84HP Boats

4U 84HP Boats for BOCGS and other SERGE panel designs. Both boats are 7" x 17" x 85mm

Standard - Undrilled, plain aluminium BUD boat.

Customised - Pre-drilled base for installing our Mounting Kits to mount the associated PCB Set. The Boat has a black powdercoat inish and includes a cutout for a 4-pin MIC connector providing access for power in. The reduced top flanges on this version also improve access for the outer panel components which can be pretty close to the standard boat flanges. And finally, in this version the panel fixing holes have been moved to match the BOCGS panels.

Davies Clone Knobs

Davies Clone ABS Knobs as used in BOCGS and some Serge systems.
These have 1/4" shaft fittings with a grub-screw but will also work with 18T metric pots if fitted with an offcut of drinking straw.

4U 84HP Lite Rack

Our 4U 84HP Lite Rack is an alternative mounting solution to our 4U Boats allowing you total control over the shape and type of enclosure used.