Utility Boards
A collection of boards generally used to extend or enhance a modules functionality.
Some are suitable for adding a s module in their own right.

CGS66 - Linear Power Supply

This Power Supply is suitable for use with VCOs and more "analog" modules. It is of course quite capable of driving the noisier digital modules too.

Note: this project may require wiring a transformer to the A.C mains. This is best left to people who are qualified to do so. Where possible, use a plug-pack, wall-wart or line-lump, or other product where the mains wiring has already been done.

CGS74 - Distribution Board

MOTM compatible power distribution bus board

CGS91 - PCB Mounting Rail

These mounting rails are a convenient way of mounting CGS PCBs behind a Serge style panel. Suplpied as a set of 2 PCBs

CGS94 - Pot Mounting Rail

This PCB is designed to help mounting and wiring pots or LEDs to panels. It uses the 1 inch horizontal spacing standard of Serge panels, and provides mounting for 16 pots or LEDs.

CGS120 - Utility Mounting Rail

This is a 6 inch long universal mounting board. When snapped in two, lengthwise, it can be used to mount smaller PCBs to CGS91 rails on a standard Serge-style panel. It can also be used to mount 6 pots, LEDS, etc. at 1 inch spacing. Small matrix areas allow for "flying" panel components to be given a sturdy mounting place.

CGS124 - Breadboard

Prototype a new design or custom build an existing module using this 6" x 2" breadboard