Kits for Oakley stand-alone modules.
The kits contain all components (resistors, semiconductors etc) and hardware (pots, brackets, jacks etc) but do NOT include the knobs, PCB or Front Panel. U.O.S. all pots are Alpha R16 with 18T-Spline-Shafts.
We can supply PCBs on request or you can buy them direct from Oakley Sounds.
For front panels you should visit the forums and the Oakley Sounds website and look for FPD designs that you can get made through FrontPanel Express. Again, we can source these panels for you on request.


HVM - Human Voice Module Kit

HVM Builder's Guide V1.0.5.

The Oakley Sound HVM is an electronic audio signal modification device that attempts to replicate some of the sounds from two classic keyboards first seen and heard in 1979. The module consists of three sections, two band pass filter networks and one parametric equaliser.

SE330 - Stereo Ensemble Kit

Stereo Ensemble Builder's Guide V2.0.5.

The Oakley SE330 is a 'mono in, stereo out' ensemble unit designed to mimic the behaviour of the multichannel chorus and ensemble units of late 1970s and early 1980s. The SE330 uses four channels of bucket brigade delay (BBD) lines and four voltage controlled low frequency oscillators (VC-LFO) to achieve a sound reminiscent of the Japanese string machines, guitar chorus pedals and studio rack effects of yesteryear