4U Serge Support
A collection (?) of items to assist builders of Serge 4U systems.

ED123S Busboard

The ED123-S Passive Board provides support for up to 12 modules.
Although not fitted as standard, the ED123-S also supports a CV-GATE Buss  (2-pin 0.1" MTA) ideal for distributing common CV and GATE signals for driving, for example, VCO's and ADSR's from a single controller such as the Touch-Sensitive Keyboard.
The ED123-S requires a dual regulated +/-12VDC supply such as our ED122 Power Unit or can be connected to an ED126-S to provide up to 24 module outlets.

ED126S Powered Busboard

The ED126S combines the 12-port busboard with a linearly regulated +/-12VDC supply capable of delivering over 1A per rail. Like the ED123S these can be supplied optionally fitted with a set of CV-GATE connectors (2-pin 0.1" MTA).
Requires an external 15VDC power supply (see Power, Busboards and Cables section). Our Power Plate is an ideal solution for getting power from outside your system to the ED126S.

12U End Cheeks

These end-cheeks take 3 of our 4U 84HP Boats to provide you with a combined 12U system. Perfect for the BOG-MARSH-SWAMP combination but will work with any configuration that fits the 4U 84HP Boats.

4U 84HP Boats

4U 84HP Boats for BOCGS and other SERGE panel designs. Both boats are 7" x 17" x 85mm

Standard - Undrilled, plain aluminium BUD boat.

Customised - Pre-drilled base for installing our Mounting Kits to mount the associated PCB Set. The Boat has a black powdercoat inish and includes a cutout for a 4-pin MIC connector providing access for power in. The reduced top flanges on this version also improve access for the outer panel components which can be pretty close to the standard boat flanges. And finally, in this version the panel fixing holes have been moved to match the BOCGS panels.

Davies Clone Knobs

Davies Clone ABS Knobs as used in BOCGS and some Serge systems.
These have 1/4" shaft fittings with a grub-screw but will also work with 18T metric pots if fitted with an offcut of drinking straw.

PSU8 1-boat +/-12V Power Supply

This small unit measuring 85mm x 48mm will deliver +12V @ 1.5A and -12V @ 750mA making it an ideal solution for 4U boats like the BOCGS and SERGE families.
The PSU-8 requires a 12V-15DC @ 2.4A supply.
Input connections are via 1/4" quick-connect spades while the output is also available through 1/4" quick-connect spades and a 0.156" header.