Odysseus - An ARP Odyssey Clone

PLEASE READ this FAQ on kits

A clone of the ARP Odyssey designed to fit in to a 6U 84HP rack system.
The Odysseus tries to remain true to the original design by using, where practical, original components.
The keyboard section has not been included (internal connections available if required) and has been replaced by our MonoDAC MIDI-CV converter for control by any suitable MIDI Controller.

The new Mark 2 panel (shown) will be available soon


Odysseus Kit

This kit of parts includes:-

  • Odysseus Front Panel
  • Odysseus PCB
  • All components (semi-conductors, resistors, capacitors, switches and sliders etc)

Enclosure Kit

This optional Enclosure Kit comes with the following options:-

  • 6U 84HP Lite Rack - The 6U Lite Rack provides a basic frame for the Odysseus. The user MUST supply a suitable enclosure (recommended minimum depth is approximately 60mm) so that the PCB's can be securely mounted
  • Studio 500 6U 84HP Desktop Unit - A complete, free-standing, desktop unit. Optional End Cheeks are available (see /Construct-A-Rack/Studio System)
  • 6U 84HP Rack-Mount Tower - This option provides our conventional Tower Racks ready for mounting in to a suitable 19" enclosure
  • Studio 300 - Low-profile skiff enclosure

Fully Assembled Odysseus

The fully assembled Odysseus supplied in our Studio 300 enclosure