ASM - Analogue Synth Modules
Bringing the ASM-1/ASM-2/ASM-3 to the world of the Euro-Synth!


The ASM301 is the classic Attack-Decay-Sustain-Reelase generator as used in the ASM-1



A multi-mode function generator, the ASM302 produces either an AD, ASR or LFO output.


ASM306 - Audio Out

A simple utility module providing a convenient way to get sound out of your modular.


The ASM306 - Audio Out features a stereo headphone amplifier and a 'crossfeed' function which mimics the inter-channel interactions of the real world by delaying and attenuating the signal from one channel and feeding it to the other. The use of the crossfeed results in a realistically spacious sound stage where instrument locations seem more natural. The perceived depth also lowers the listener fatigue considerably.

In addition, 2 Balanced outputs allowing for longer cable runs and can often help in reducing hum due to grounf-loop connections between different equipment

ASM307 - LAG

A LAG circuit with independent ATTACK and DECAY controls and a SHAPE control to
vary the response from linear to log.

Based on a design by Harry Bissell using 'slew rate limiting'.

ASM308 - CV Mixer

The ASM308 is a four-in/one-out bipolar or unipolar DC coupled mixer ideal for mixing control voltages.

When in Uni-Polar mode, all pots behave in regular fashion, that is when the knob is fully counter-clockwise, no signal from the associated input passes into the mix. As the knob is advanced clockwise, a greater portion of the signal passes into the mix.

In Bi-Polar mode, each knob has a zero position mid-way through it's travel. Turning the knob anti-clockwise will add an increasing portion of a negative (inverted) version of the signal at the corresponding input, while turning the knob clockwise will add an increasing portion of the original signal to the mix.

Additional output columns can be added through the addition of one or more ASM308EXT Extender units.

ASM308EXT - CV Mixer Matrix Stage

The ASM308EXT CV MIXER EXTENDER module allows the ASM308 to be converted to a matrix mixer allowing for different mixes from the same common set of signals.

There is no theoretical limit to how many modules can be added to the matrix but for a 4-in/4-out solution users should look at the CGS733-Matrix Mixer.

1x ASM308 + 3x ASM308EXT = 4x4 CV Matrix Mixer.

You must purchase the appropriate Matrix Mixer Cable to allow connection to the ASM308:-

  • Matrix Mixer Cable 2 for adding 1x ASM308EXT to create a 4in/2out Matrix Mixer
  • Matrix Mixer Cable 3 for adding 2x ASM308EXT to create a 4in/3out Matrix Mixer
  • Matrix Mixer Cable 4 for adding 3x ASM308EXT to create a 4in/4out Matrix Mixer