Tower Racks
Tower Kits are the common vertical configuration for subracks and are available in multiples of 3U.
Multiple 3U sub-racks can be strapped together to form larger units by the addition of our Sub-Rack Joiner Kit. 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U.... the sky IS the limit.
Tower Kits can be supplied with either standard Rack Ears or the narrower profile Filler Ears.

Tower Rack Kits

All Tower Racks are now constructed as multiples of a 3U Sub-rack. Simply select the quantity of sub-racks required and order one less Subrack Joiner Kit e.g. for a 9U system you need 3x 3U Subracks and 2x Subrack Joiner
Kits come with Rails, Tapped Strips, 160mm Side Panels, Back Panel, Rack Ears and assembly hardware.
84HP Tower Racks will fit in to standard 19" enclosures, the larger racks will require custom 19" frames.

See the 'Clearance Corner' for some 6U Specials

Cover Plate

Cover Plates allow an open Tower Rack to be 'covered' to prevent ingress of dirt and foreign objects.
Can be used as a bottom cover, when it is mainly used to improve the screening properties of the finished assembly.
Only 84HP Tower Racks can be fitted with Cover Plates.

Tower Subrack Joiner Kit

A pair of flat plates and associated hardware to allow multiple 3U Tower Racks to be securely joined together to form taller systems. There is virtually no limit to how many 3U sections you bolt together taking into consideration possible stability issues with extra tall systems if the system is not properly stabilised. Above 12U we would recommend you verify the stability of your design by ensuring it has a sufficiently low centre-of gravity and/or a base that is deeper than the top to prevent back and forth movement.