Studio 500 System

These boats provide a new approach to building synth systems. A system comprises 1 or more 6U Desktop Skins which are then simply bolted together side-by-side. The skins are closed off with a pair of 6U Desktop Side Panels and the appropriate width Rails and Tapped Strips.
The Skins are finished with a black powder coat paint while the Side Panels are black anodized, offering a cosmetically neat finish to the assembled unit.

Optional White End Cheeks can be fitted.

The 42HP Skins are pre-fitted with mounting points to accept our Busboard Carrier Plate and our ED123, ED126 or ED111 busboards. A blank 20HP Skin is available for configuring a 104HPsyetm.
The shallower front 3U section will take modules up to about 80mm while the deeper rear 3U section will take modules up to about 130mm subject to allowances for busboards and power supplies.

The new Studio 300 can also be added to the Studio 500 Desktop as a lid with an optional carry strap for portability.


Studio Kits

Kits contain Desktop End Plates (x2) , Desktop Skins(as required by selected width), Rails (x4), Tapped Strips (x4) and hardware.

End Cheeks

These white End Cheeks let you complete your system enclosure providing you with a high-quality, tough and aesthetically pleasing finish.
The End Cheeks are 19mm thick, made from a solid thermoplastic material, and simply bolt on to the Desktop End Plates using the supplied fixings.
The 12U Tower can be used in the vertical orientation to form a sloped/vertical tower combo (2) or laid on its back to form a desktop/sloped tower combo (3). In the vertical orientation the Desktop unit (1) can be fitted in front to create a full 18U system.
Maximum enclosure depth for the Desktop End Cheeks is 85mm at the front edge. These end cheeks provide a sloped face of 22 degrees from the horizontal. 

Skin Section

Desktop Boat Skins are the main structure of our Studio 500 system.
Multiple skins are simply bolted together for the desired rack width. Add the appropiate length Rails (and Tapped Strips) and 2x End Plates and you have an enclosed rack system for your EuroSynth.
The centre Rails may be omitted for those needing a full 6U height module space such as when adding our Cougar or Odysseus panels.
42HP Skins incorporate mounting studs for our Carrier Plate + ED111/ED123/ED126 Busboards, a hole for our Earthing Kit connector and a hole for a power extension connector. The 20HP Skin does not have any fixing points so can be used for mounting items such as small power supplies (maximum width ~95mm).
Standard finished system widths are 42HP, 84HP, 104HP, 126HP and 168HP

End Plates

A pair of 6U End Plates (1) to close off your 42HP Skin Sections (2).


Made from a high-quality aluminium they are irridium plated for improved electrical conductivity and anodised for a tougher surface finish and form the basis of any sub-rack. Each Rail has 1 x M5 tapped hole at each end. The addition of a Side Plate at each end allows the assembly to be secured from inside your enclosure. Rails have a slot towards the front to accept our Tapped Strips or Rack Nuts which must be purchased separately.
4 required for each 6U unit

Tapped Strips

Tapped Strips slide in to a dedicated slot near the front of the Rail and are used to accomodate module fixing screws and are tapped to take M3 module fixing screws. The design of the Tapped Strip allows them to be end-stackable to make longer lengths than the standard 84HP length.
We can also supply M3 Square Rail Nuts and Tapped Strips with M2.5mm tappings.