Studio System

These boats provide a new approach to building synth systems. A system comprises 1 or more 6U 42HP Skins which are then simply bolted together side-by-side.
The skins are closed off with a pair of 6U Desktop Side Panels and the appropriate width Rails and Tapped Strips.
The Skins are finished with a black powder coat paint while the Side Panels are black anodized, offering a cosmetically neat finish to the assembled unit.

The 42HP Skins are pre-fitted with mounting points to accept our Busboard Carrier Plate and our ED123, ED126, ED704, ED705 or ED111 busboards. A blank 20HP Skin is available for configuring a 104HP system.

Studio 300 - 60mm internal depth Skiffs
Studio 500 - Desktop
Studio 700 - 100mm internal depth Boats

Wider systems (add 1 or more 42HP/20HP Skins as required) up to a maximum of 396HP are available on special request (MOQ may apply)

Studio Series Datasheet

Studio 300 Skiff Kits

Studio 500 Desktop Kits

Studio 700 Boat Kits

Studio Lid Kits

Studio Tree

End Cheeks - Studio Master System

End Cheeks - Studio Portable System

Studio Shoulder Strap Kits