Lite Racks

Requiring only 40mm internal depth our Construct-A-Rack Lite Racks are ideal for skiffs and shallow boat designs as well as being a low-cost solution for your system. The Side Plates have internal countersunk holes to allow the assembly to be secured to your case from the inside and so eliminate ugly bolt heads on the outside of your system. 
An optional Back Panel (see Tower Racks) can be mounted towards the rear of your case providing a perfect surface for mounting distribution boards and/or a power supply.
Three rack heights are supported:- 3U, 6U and 9U


Lite Rack Kits

Kits include Rails, M3 Tapped Strips, Side Plates and M5 countersunk bolts.

Side Plates

Lite Side Plates allow our Synth Rails to be mounted in to an enclosure using internal fixing points.
The plates require a case depth of 40mm and come in 3U, 6U and 9U heights and will add 5mm to the overall width of your rack i.e. internal case width = (nHP x 5.08mm) + 5.0mm.
2 required per section.


Made from a high-quality aluminium they are irridium plated for improved electrical conductivity and anodised for a tougher surface finish and form the basis of any sub-rack. Each Rail has 1 x M5 tapped hole at each end. The addition of a Side Plate at each end allows the assembly to be secured from inside your enclosure. Rails have a slot towards the front to accept our Tapped Strips or Rack Nuts which must be purchased separately.
Other lengths up to 196HP available on request.
2 required per 3U section.

Tapped Strips

Tapped Strips slide in to a dedicated slot near the front of the Rail and are used to accomodate module fixing screws and are tapped to take M3 module fixing screws. The design of the Tapped Strip allows them to be end-stackable to make longer lengths than the standard 84HP length.
We can also supply M3 Square Rail Nuts and Tapped Strips with M2.5mm tappings.

Back Panels

These Back Panels can be mounted towards the rear of your enclosure to provide a mounting surface for busboards and power supplies and without requiring a multitude of holes in to your enclosure back.

M5 Countersunk Bolt

4 required for each 3U section.