IF - Ian Fritz

IF101 - 2Q/4Q

IF108 - ChaQuO

The main function of this module is as a versatile chaotic signal generator

Chaotic signals are signals that have varying degrees of interesting irregularity without actually becoming random. The IF108 is an analog electronic simulation of the classical driven double potential-well problem, with the addition of extra gain in the circuit loop, and an extra cross-coupling path to extend the range of chaotic patterns available.

Module Width: 20HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ 4mA, -12V @ 3mA
Module Depth: 8.4cm


The IF109-TGTSH (Trigger Gate Threshold, Sample & Hold) is a module that combines two important synthesizer functions.

It produces trigger and gate signals whenever a "timing" signal input crosses a user-defined threshold.

At the same time, the trigger pulse fires a high-performance sample-and-hold circuit that samples a second "main" signal input

Module Width: 10HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ 10mA, -12V @ 5mA
Module Depth: 7.5cm

IF112 - Double Deka - US VCO

This unique VCO consists of an ultrasonic oscillator core followed by a parallel pair of waveform generators.

Each waveform generator consists of a switched multi-octave divider followed by circuitry to generate a 10-step waveform using a set of 10 slider potentiometers.

Also included are a novel synchronization circuit with two different operating modes and a built-in "digital ring modulator" (DRM) for producing a wide variety of synchronized and anharmonic sounds.

The oscillator core is highly stable (better than 20 ppm/K in the prototype) and features wide-range, accurate tracking (better than 0.05% over fifteen octaves).

The variable waveform generator provides fine control over an enormous range of available timbers.

IF113 - 5-Pulser

The "5-Pulser" waveshaper produces a train of pulses whose number (and widths) are varied with a control voltage.

At the lowest control voltage a single square wave is put out, whereas at the highest voltage a train of 5 pulses spanning less that half of the total wave period is produced.

Module Width: 7HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ 10mA, -12V @ 5mA
Module Depth: 7.0cm

IF114 - 4x4 AD/AR Delay Generator

This novel envelope generator (EG) provides a versatile alternative to other designs.

It consists of two parts :-

  • the main AD/AR envelope generator itself, and
  • an auxiliary delayed pulse generator.

The pulse generator output can be used as a trigger or gate to control the main envelope circuitry, or it may be used independently as an external timing/gating signal.

Module Width: 13HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ mA, -12V @ mA
Module Depth: 9.9cm